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Julie Cook works together with Saphire Film Productions

Julie Cook Photography would like to introduce our team Videographers....

Sapphire Film Productions:

Sapphire Film Productions is a Perth based small business with many happy customers willing to give testimony to the magic that they do. Offering a free home consultation prior to the Wedding for that personal touch, they make you feel special and relaxed knowing that your precious memories are in safe hands. The samples are amazing to watch.

Together Julie Cook Photography and Sapphire Film Productions make a great team, with our knowledge and professional equipment, we are able to capture your day with great results.

The equipment they use is very impressive, including a lapel microphone for the groom so that the audio during the vows is crystal clear. The Wedding Ceremony is filmed using three (3) broadcast quality cameras that capture every detail like the grooms facial expressions the moment he lays eyes on his Bride for the first time. They also film the parents giving their daughter away, some nice close-ups of the vows, exchanging rings, the kiss and the guests.

It only takes approx 4 weeks to complete the editing phase which is done in glorious high definition widescreen. The finished product is then presented to you in a personalised leatherette display case with a glossy DVD label and graphic design on the menu as per photos. It features the music that you walked down the aisle to and other songs of your choice. The DVD features video messages by your guests and loved ones which adds a very nice touch.

The whole day is over in the flash of a camera so it can be overwhelming watching your video for the first time, when suddenly, it all comes back as if re-living it. Even seeing things that you may not recall actually seeing on the day, but the cameras did!

Sapphire Film Productions have a knack of capturing pure emotion and the spirit of the day as well showcasing your Wedding Dress, the Bridal Party, arriving in the Limo, the Venue, the Guests and all the expensive Decorations. It is rare nowadays to have the entire family all together as one, therefore the footage will one day be considered to be priceless.

They have a professional team of videographers, photographers and a DJ/MC on standby, thereby supplying the entire package, saving you time and money. If you book all of the above, you will receive a free, bonus photo slideshow on DVD as part of the deal. How they do this is by having access to all of your photos immediately. Some photographers make you wait up to 6 months.

So what's in the packages?

* Free, home consultation
* 3 camera video shoot
* All equipment is supplied including lapel mic
* Edited in High definition widescreen cinematic style
* Master copy of DVD or Blu Ray plus backup copy
* Personalised leatherette display case, glossy label & Menu system
* Copied onto USB stick for sending overseas (optional)
* Bonus photo slideshow if you book both Video and Photography
* Support - Backup in case lost, damaged or faulty
* No copyright restrictions, make as many copies as you like
* Highlight Video (optional)

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Julie Cook Photography 24 Belvoir Parkway, Darch 6065 Tel: 0410 823 569

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